6 Mock Exams For The Bocconi Test
6 Mock Exams For The Bocconi Test

6 Mock Exams For The Bocconi Test



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Bocconi University is a popular choice for many students throughout the world. Admissions require students to either present SATs, other similar standardized exam results, or to take the Bocconi Exam. Although there are similarities with the SAT, Bocconi Exam has other distinctive features: the quantitative reasoning, logic and mathematics questions aim to test student abilities on a less expansive scale than the SAT. The reading comprehension portion also has briefly paragraphed questions rather than the usual long texts of the SAT. The exam has 50 questions to be completed in 75 minutes. The pressing limit on timing presents as the greater challenge for most students. Therefore, it is imperative to prepare timely and accordingly. Familiarity with question types and extensive prior practice are paramount to secure success.

Despite the wide availability of excellent resources for the Bocconi Exam in Italian, the pickings for English-speaking students are considerably slim. This is the first comprehensive test book in English for international students who aim for Bocconi where thousands apply to competitive undergraduate programs each year. This book aims to bridge the gap by providing English-speaking students with the essential tools to endow and empower them for success.

We advise the readers of this book to visit Taylan Hoca’s website to watch the mock exam solution sessions. Further resources such as additional exams and exam tips can also be found on the website.


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