Complete Works of Sappho (Delphi Classics)
Complete Works of Sappho (Delphi Classics)

Complete Works of Sappho (Delphi Classics)



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This is the only digital version of Sappho’s work that presents each fragment in the original Greek alongside a concise brand new English translation. A brief biography is also included, as well as an Ancient Greek pronunciation section, allowing you to read aloud and experience the true beauty of Sappho’s original text. (Version 2)

* new translation of the surviving fragments
* includes the recent 2005 discovery of a near complete poem by Sappho.
* table of contents to navigate between poems
* brief biography to Sappho and her work
* UPDATED with two other translations of Sappho’s poems

2011 DUAL TEXT TRANSLATION by Peter Russell
1907 TRANSLATION by Bliss Carman
1910 TRANSLATION by John Myers O’hara

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