Crossing Boundaries
Crossing Boundaries

Crossing Boundaries


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A ruthless ex. An abandoned medical degree. And a woman who will make Daniel forget all that.

When my divorce to Nick is final, the first thing my friends do is take me to get drunk. Sounds cliché, I know, but the tables turned tonight, and I don’t mean the one that I was practically dancing on.

Daniel hates me based on a false impression, and I don’t know whether I care enough to make things right…and then I don’t have a choice. Daniel doesn’t know that I’m about to break, and not because of my failed marriage, but because of that part of me that helped cause my marriage to fail. The part of me that I’ll lose forever soon.

The part of me that I love more than anything else in the world, that fades away a little more each day.


I thought Kayla was just like every other party girl, which is why my brother Christopher saw her first. Turns out, her problems trump mine, and she was just blowing off steam.

I’m glad I’m there when the chips fall, because I haven’t had the chance to be a friend like that in a long time. Kayla doesn’t ask for what comes next. Neither of us sees it. We thought after what we went through, that it would be smooth sailing. But we should have known better.

We should have read the signs when our so-called friend started whistling to the tune of a traitor, an instinct I picked up while serving overseas. Will our love be enough to get through it?

And more important, can I catch Kayla again, before she breathes her last breath…

HEA (Happily Ever After)

Second chance romance

Best friends to lovers romance

Medical romance

Military romance

Medium heat

Course language

Mild cliffhanger ending

First book in a complete 5 book standalone series

“Awesome storyline and impressive character development. I loved their responsibilities with their individual parents! Plus, I rooted for them to stop fighting their love. This is an ARC REVIEW, and I bought a copy.” – 5 Stars from Book Lady Teri, Amazon Reviewer

“Sandra Alex has written a 5-star book that has the main characters dealing with their feelings for each other. This was a wonderful book and I would recommend it to anyone.” 5 Stars from Angela Barnes, Amazon Vine Voice Reviewer

“I really enjoyed his book and devoured it in an afternoon. If you’re after a love story that has more going on than just the couple then definitely read this book.” – 5 Stars from Mrs. R., Goodreads Reviewer

“This book absolutely touches the emotions of the reader as we read Daniel and Kayla’s story, heartbreaking at times, but you will still feel the strong love and sizzling chemistry. The story line will pull the reader in as we see Kayla and Daniel denying the depth of their feelings. Fortunately, the all-or-nothing kind of vulnerable friendship keeps them holding on until things finally start to go right, when she realizes he is all that she’s got, and he sees she is all that he has ever really wanted — he just never knew it until now. This is an enjoyable read, despite the occasional need for a tissue swipe now and then – probably just allergies. But seriously, this is one you should read and savor. It has all the “feels” and you won’t want to miss it.” – 5 Stars from Emily Amazon Top 500 Reviewer

“Another hit for Sandra Alex. I love her books. Heartbreaking at times but their love comes through. Daniel and Kayla are perfect together.” 5 Stars from Sandy Johnson, Goodreads Reviewer

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