Crossing Fire
Crossing Fire

Crossing Fire


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It had always been obvious to me that we had different songs playing in our heads. My music was usually more of a death metal march that involved a lot of bloodshed. Dom’s… Dom’s music was something that a romantic Irish bard would listen to, whatever the hell that might be. He was a warrior but I’d always known he had a poet’s soul. There could be no denying that it was one of the things I loved most about him. Still, it had always made everything hard. It wasn’t easy to be the other half of someone’s perfect immortal love story when you were as imperfect as I was. I’d done a great deal to dismantle our bond when I’d thought I had no other choice. Now, finding myself with the rare opportunity to rebuild it again, I was determined not to destroy it, even if that was what I was best at.


To me, it had always been clear as day that fate brought us together. Our love was written in the stars as distinctly as ink on paper, but I knew she couldn’t read it. She was no stargazer. And certainly no dream-chaser. Her feet were planted too firmly on the ground, except, of course, when she turned into a dragon.

In an effort to rescue Jillian’s captive sister, unlikely allies must join forces to take down some of the most powerful creatures in existence.

Crossing Fire weaves together a heartwarming tale of romance, fantasy, adventure, redemption, and the power of chosen family.

This book is the continuation of a series and not meant to be read as a standalone.

3 reviews for Crossing Fire

  1. Christopher Hughes (verified owner)

    I might have a slight ebook addiction, all thanks to chiarareads!

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  2. Michael Johnson (verified owner)

    Ebooks from this online store have become my go-to for travel. I no longer need to lug heavy books around – my tablet has everything I need.

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  3. Chloe Murphy (verified owner)

    Ebooks are a fantastic way to read during my daily commute. I can’t imagine going back to carrying heavy books.

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