Daring the Neighbor
Daring the Neighbor

Daring the Neighbor


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Get naughty with the neighbor in this sizzling romance serial!

Sipping chilled white wine with her best friend and spying on her super sexy neighbor, Ethan, are the highlights of Sabrina’s otherwise mundane existence. Vivid fantasies about Ethan are her sweet escape.

At what point does a platonic relationship cross the line? Is flirtation okay? What about an accidental brush of the hand? Is an intentional caress down an arm with the back of one’s fingertips going too far?

As she pushes the boundaries of propriety, Sabrina begins to wonder about a real-life night of passion in Ethan’s arms. Would it quench the growing thirst within her or ignite the burning flames of desire that she has kept deeply buried for so long?

Find out now by indulging in Daring the Neighbor.


  1. Daring the Neighbor
  2. Daring his Passion
  3. Daring Rescue
  4. Daring her Captor
  5. Daring the Judge

These sexy heroes smudge lipstick, never mascara. Meet them now!

2 reviews for Daring the Neighbor

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