Dead Before Morning
Dead Before Morning

Dead Before Morning


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His first murder investigation…an****d Joe Rafferty’s already got trouble in spades.

His first case in charge looks like being his last.

Because his new boss has taken against him; the case is a poisoned chalice from the start, with a ‘faceless lady’ victim; and his main suspect is pals with the Chief Constable.

Even his ma adds seems to add to the kicking.

Does she really expect him to supply a Get Out of Jail Free card for his cousin, ‘Jailhouse’ Jack? When what Jack needs is a miracle.

And Jack’s not the only one…

Rafferty’s boss is only waiting for him to fail to slot some detective favourite into his job. And the case of the ‘Faceless Lady’ looks favourite for that. His ma’s little problem just adds the cherry on the top.

All he can do is grit his teeth and hope for a lucky break.

But when it comes, it’s from such an unlikely source that he suspects the fates are having a laugh at his expense. But it’s the only clue he’s got, so he has to follow it up.

Will he end up with egg on his face? Or solve the murder against all the odds?

Rafferty wishes he knew. The only thing he’s sure of is his boss gunning for him if he fails. The victim needs justice, and Rafferty’s determined to get it for her. But he also wants to deprive his boss of his petty satisfaction. So he goes with his gut-instinct, but keeps his fingers crossed all the way.

‘Did not see the end coming.’ READER REVIEWER

‘Evans’ humor seriously added to my enjoyment of her book. The series has stand out central characters and clever plots.’ AUNT AGATHA’S BOOKSHOP, ANN ARBOR


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