Her Last Letter
Her Last Letter

Her Last Letter


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In the Colorado mountain town of Glenwood Springs not far from Aspen artist/photographer Gwyn Sanders discovers a cryptic letter her sister Kelly left behind. The victim of a deadly hit and run Kelly reveals she was sexually involved with her sisters boyfriend and is scared for her life. Both Gwyn and her remaining sister Linda have since married their boyfriends so either of their husbands could be guilty of murder. The sisters received a large inheritance before meeting these men and know little of either mans background. Worse both Gwyn and Linda love their husbands deeply but steps must be taken to find the truth. And the truth is complicated. Is it one of the two men or another previous lover? Or none of them? Danger abounds and everyone is a suspect as Gwyn tries with the help of a gifted private detective to track a killer….

1 review for Her Last Letter

  1. Sarah Russell (verified owner)

    I can’t imagine my life without chiarareads. It’s a reader’s dream come true!

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