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Based on Dr. Maria Montessori’s philosophies for nurturing babies and toddlers, this practical and useful guide is brimming with instructions, anecdotes, and encouragement for raising calm, competent, and confident children—from designing the baby’s bedroom to encouraging life skills such as dressing themselves and working both independently and collaboratively.

What can parents do to help their youngest children in their task of self-formation? How does the Montessori method of hands-on learning and self-discovery relate to newborns, infants, and toddlers? This authoritative and accessible book answers these and many other questions. Its comprehensive exploration of the first three years incorporates the furnishings and tools Dr. Montessori created for the care and comfort of babies.

From the design of the baby’s bedroom to the child-sized kitchen table, from food preparation to clothing and movement, the authors provide guidance for the establishment of a beautiful and serviceable environment for babies and very young children. They also introduce concepts and tasks, taking into account children’s ”sensitive periods” for learning such skills as toilet training.

Written in a clear, engaging style, Montessori from the Start is a must-have for every new parent.

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