Murder in Cherry Hills
Murder in Cherry Hills

Murder in Cherry Hills


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Meet Kat Harper, small-town girl turned amateur sleuth. Can she solve the mystery of her animal-loving neighbor’s murder without getting killed herself?

Kat hasn’t been back in her childhood hometown of Cherry Hills, Washington, very long before a murder next door thrusts her into a police investigation. She doesn’t intend to get involved, but what choice does she have when Mrs. Tinsdale’s now orphaned tortoiseshell cat shows up on her doorstep looking for help? After all, Matty was the sole witness to her owner’s violent death and might just hold the key to solving this case.

But who would want to see the elderly Mrs. Tinsdale dead? Was it a fellow animal rescue volunteer, driven by a hidden agenda? Or perhaps Mrs. Tinsdale’s money-hungry daughter could no longer wait for her much-needed inheritance. Kat also can’t discount a local veterinarian possibly harboring dark secrets. Then again, the culprit might be someone entirely unexpected.

It doesn’t hurt that this investigation puts Kat in close proximity with Andrew Milhone, Kat’s old childhood friend turned handsome lead detective. But how can she persuade a feline eyewitness to reveal “whodunit”? Kat’s not sure yet, but she’s not going to give up until Mrs. Tinsdale’s murderer is brought to justiceβ€”even if getting to the chilling truth means putting her own life in danger.

All of the Cozy Cat Caper Mystery books can be enjoyed as standalones but will be better appreciated as part of the series. The books are light, fun cozy mysteries featuring an animal-loving female amateur sleuth, lovable and not-so-lovable quirky characters, and a page-turning mystery that needs solving. None of the books include cliffhangers, bad language, or graphic scenes.

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