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Play the Game, Son

Play the Game, Son


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Play the Game, Son takes you to a place where it is better to believe that this is a true story, made up.

Swallowed into the vortex of the IT underworld, Michael aka Striker is forced to learn the fast-paced life of global communications. He becomes consumed by the fiscal outcomes of IT’s unprecedented faΓ§ade. Do you shape the world you work in? Or does the corporate culture shape you? At what point would you step over the line to get ahead?

Michael is a key player in the marketing arm of a global giant, SwissTel, where he abandons all ethics. Boundaries are questioned and pushed beyond once acceptable limits. Trusted husband one day; fraudulent cheat the next. Straight businessman, to corrupt malfeasant. But, what is the cost of not playing by the rules?

Welcome to Striker’s world.

2 reviews for Play the Game, Son

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    Chiarareads has revolutionized my reading routine for the better.

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    This online store has made reading even more enjoyable for me. The convenience and affordability are unbeatable.

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