The Big Bad Office Wolf
The Big Bad Office Wolf

The Big Bad Office Wolf


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After the night of her life with a dirty, sexy stranger whoโ€™s supposed to live a world and a half away from her, Tori is feeling pretty damn smug – until she finds him in the office next door.

Bryant is a menace, making every woman in the entire building lose focus, but she never thought he would actually go after her assistant.
Determined to save the poor girl from his clutches, she confronts him, and finds herself thrust in a world she never knew existed.

Bryant should stay away from the sweet little prim and proper thing wrapped in designer suits, but heโ€™s had a taste and he canโ€™t seem to forget it. He knows thereโ€™s no way he can even pretend to be satisfied with a vanilla relationship. Good thing that when the clothes and the attitude come off, Tori might very well be a sub. All he needs is to lead her down the rabbit holeโ€ฆ

Disclaimer: The big bad office wolf is a very steamy romance, more so than most of my books. As the description suggests, it also includes some BDSM element. Spare panties recommended.

1 review for The Big Bad Office Wolf

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