The Coaching Habit
The Coaching Habit

The Coaching Habit



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In The Coaching Habit, Michael Bungay Stanier shows you how coaching can become a regular, informal part of your day, so you and your team can work more efficiently and have more impact. Bungay Stanier reveals how to unlock your peoples’ potential, skills he has taught to over 10,000 busy managers from all over the globe. He’ll show you how his seven essential coaching questions allow you—by saying less and asking more—to develop coaching methods that produce great results.

  • The Kickstart Question gets straight to the point in any conversation
  • The Awe Question keeps you on track during any interaction
  • The Lazy Question saves hours of time for yourself
  • The Strategic Question saves hours of time for others
  • The Focus Question and The Foundation Question get to the heart of any interpersonal or external challenge
  • The Learning Question ensures others find your coaching as beneficial as you do

    Offering a fresh take on the how-to manual, The Coaching Habit combines business savvy with research in neuroscience and behavioural economics, as well as interactive training tools that turn practical advice into practiced habits. Witty and conversational, this audiobook takes your work—and workplace—from good to great.

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