The Great Money Reset
The Great Money Reset

The Great Money Reset



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Jill Schlesinger, Emmy and Gracie Award–winning Business Analyst for CBS News, delivers ten timely financial steps to build the life you really want.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced us to rethink everything. Now, when it comes to envisioning a post-pandemic future, financial expert Jill Schlesinger hears one question over and over: IS THIS REALLY HOW I WANT TO LIVE?
The Great Money Reset is your guide to getting real and building your best life. A bible for navigating our present era of seismic change, Schlesinger’s audiobook shows us how to take advantage of this situation to pull off personal transitions. Whether it’s time to get that raise, refinance your mortgage, or start a new business, The Great Money Reset provides a framework to strategize your next financial move. In ten simple steps, you will be empowered to fundamentally break through your unsatisfying pre-pandemic reality and thrive through whatever awful surprises come next.
And there will be some.
A Macmillan Audio production from St. Martin’s Press.


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