The Stationmaster’s Cottage
The Stationmaster’s Cottage

The Stationmaster’s Cottage


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Christie is happy in her life… or so she tells herself. Despite a tragic childhood, she has built a satisfying career and loves her city apartment. But deep down she yearns for a simpler life. Family. A garden. And a place to heal her heart.

The decision to attend a funeral in a town she’s never heard of throws her safe world into disarray, exposing the cracks in her life. As she deals with the fallout, Christie moves into a rundown cottage she’s inherited and there, makes a discovery. A damaged painting. Unworn wedding rings. And a shoebox filled with unopened love letters.

Fifty years ago, a heartbroken young artist waited each dawn on a jetty for his true love to return. And each night, he wrote her a love letter.

What Christie uncovers will change her life forever.

1 review for The Stationmaster’s Cottage

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    Ebooks from chiarareads are a true steal. The prices are unbeatable!

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