Winter’s Kiss
Winter’s Kiss

Winter’s Kiss


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She’s the city girl from Boston. He’s the pottery guy from the bay.
Their lives were never meant to collide.

Dylan Fraser is an artist, a dreamer, and a failed actor.
He runs a gift store on the edges of Starling Bay, a small coastal town where nothing much happens.

Merry Nicholls hates Christmas. The festive season is full of bad memories, especially this year which marks the five-year passing of her husband’s death.

Having fallen ill due to stress, and at her mother’s insistence, Merry reluctantly agrees to visit Starling Bay. She’s supposed to recuperate, but with her surly daughter and her Great Dane in tow, not to mention the town’s busy body on her back, recuperation might not be possible.

And when her dog crashes into a gift shop, breaking a collection of handmade Christmas coffee mugs, all chances of an easy life go out of the window.

Neither Dylan nor Merry are looking for love, but maybe it’s time for them to let go and give in.
Because when the timing is right, and the feeling is ripe, taking a risk with their hearts could lead to lasting love and happiness.

1 review for Winter’s Kiss

  1. Samantha Turner (verified owner)

    Ebooks from chiarareads are my gift to the planet. What a great feeling!

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