Wolf’s Pack
Wolf’s Pack

Wolf’s Pack


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Over 2,000 pages of werewolf adventures in one spot!

I’m Wolf Young — Wolfie to my friends. But this box set isn’t about me.

It’s about three strong women I’ve had the luxury to know. They kick ass and take names. Bake cupcakes and build packs.

Their world is full of swords and secret government bases. Malicious fathers and found families.

And, yeah, I hang out on the periphery. It’s a pretty good place to be.

I asked my personal scribe to jot down their stories, and the result is an impressive assemblage. Ten novels. Two novellas. Enough short stories to keep an entire wolf pack busy around the campfire.

A few of those tales are about me, but that’s not the point. The point is the bold, beautiful women who fight, sleuth, and fall in love on these pages. Why not grab yourself a copy and become part of our pack?

Contains: The (More Than Complete) Bloodling Serial (Bloodling Wolf, Paradigm Shift, In Deep Shift, Two Scents’ Worth, Feint of Heart, and Hair Apparent), Shiftless, Pool Party, Scapegoat, Pack Princess, Character List, Alpha Ascendant, Bloodling Song, Tough as Nails, Half Wolf, Dark Wolf Adrift, Lone Wolf Dawn, Wolf Landing, Yule Moon (Polar Bear Challenge, Out of the Closet, Hunting Christmas, Joining Up, and Potatoes and Gravy), First Blood, Huntress Born, Huntress Bound, Sebastien’s Favorite Cookies, Rogue Huntress, Macaroni Dreams, In the Kitchen with Werewolves, and Huntress Unleashed.

2 reviews for Wolf’s Pack

  1. Christopher Hayes (verified owner)

    Ebooks from chiarareads are my gift to the planet. What a great feeling!

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  2. Joshua Adams (verified owner)

    As a parent, ebooks have made bedtime stories a breeze. I can read to my kids from my tablet, and they love it!

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