October 2020 wrap up

October is over, the UK is edging toward another lockdown, and it’s time for me to wrap-up another month of reading. Despite thinking I would be reading spooky stuff all month long, it turns out I filled my quota on September or something, because of the thirteen books listed below only two are considered horror; one of them wasn’t scary in the least, and the other was a middlegrade novel. Go me, I guess.

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Girl in White Cotton (Burnt Sugar) by Avni Doshi

Title: Girl in White Cotton (Burnt Sugar)

Author: Avni Doshi

Genre: Fiction

Year: 2019

I would be lying if I said my mother’s misery has never given me pleasure.

Girl in White Cotton (or Burnt Sugar, if you prefer) is the story of Antara and her mother who has Alzheimer. They’ve always had a strained relationship, but now that her mother’s grasp on reality is slipping, Antara starts reliving her past, searching for that thread that would allow her to take care of her mother without reservations.

We follow her during her childhood in Pune, first in a guru’s community, then in a catholic boarding school, and after that during her years in Bombay, and a picture starts emerging from the memories: her mother who is both absent and judging, too proud but also mean and spiteful. And as we watch Antara in her daily life in the present, we start to wonder together with her – if she’s really so much different from her mother, after all.

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