November 2020 wrap up

It’s that time of the month again, isn’t it? The one when I list all the things I read in the last thirty days, where people who don’t like to read lengthy reviews can have a look at some quick thoughts about books, and where I talk about the books I haven’t reviewed for one reason on another.

It was a poor month for new favourites, but I managed at least to read a couple of really nice things, among all the disappointments. Four of the books I read were 2020 releases, one was a reread, five were fantasy, one a sci-fi, and three horror.

Let’s just get into it, shall we?

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Reading the Booker Prize winners (2): The Elected Member by Bernice Rubens

Title: The Elected Member

Author: Bernice Rubens

Genre: Fiction

Year: 1969

No, he would not open his eyes. If they were still there, he could rely on them to stay. He pulled the pillow over his ears. He didn’t want to hear them either. Yet he wanted to check that they were still there. He dreaded their presence, but their sudden absence would have terrified him more. They were the only witnesses to his sanity.

Norman Zweck was a child prodigy. At twelve he spoke seven languages, and right after law school he was already an acclaimed barrister. But that was before.

Now, forty-one and still living with his father and younger sister, he lies in bed most of the day to keep track of them. He’s the only one who sees them, and his family believes him to be going mad. But he knows they are there, and his only relief is taking the white pills he keeps hidden under a board in the floor. When his father finally takes the decision to hospitalise him for treatment, they all start exploring their memories in search of the cause of his problems. His father, his sisters – the one that lives with them, but also the one who is estranged from the family – and Norman himself are all guilty to some extent. But only talking and coming to terms with their failings will allow them to heal as a family.

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